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God's Everlasting Covenant is dedicated to sharing the Hebraic roots of Christianity with Gentile believers.

  • Everything about the roots of Christianity is Jewish, including Messiah, whose Hebrew name is Yeshua.

  • Much of what the Christian world holds sacred is steeply rooted in biblical Judaism. We believe G-d never intended for followers of Messiah/Christ to take separate paths, which is what has happened since the first followers of Yeshua/Jesus died.

  • Both Judaism and Christianity have evolved into different versions of what they originally were.

  • We want to lovingly remind Gentile believers that Yeshua’s ministry was first to the Jew and then to the Gentile.

  • It is when Jew and Gentile come together, forming one new man in Messiah that G-d pours out His Spirit upon His children, and the result is a reciprocal blessing, as evidenced throughout the Scriptures.

  • Our desire is to promote reconciliation between Jew and Gentile and to restore the unity that Yeshua prayed for in John 17.

  • Jews have returned to Zion, Israel is once again a nation. Now is the time for Gentile believers to stand up for Israel and the Jewish people and fulfill Genisis 12:3.


       We provide teachings for those who wish to understand and celebrate the

       Jewish roots of Christianity.


       For further information click on the 'Contact'  tab and send us an e-mail


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